where unpleasant words go when they die

Come Clarity

Life's been hectic.
And weird.
Yes,a whole extra serving of weird.
It's like a crazy roller-coaster ride, running 24x7, hurtling through at breakneck speed as you try to make sense of the continually morphing kaleidoscope that is all around you.
The colours fly by, different every time, but still somehow mundane in their ways.

But what's interesting, is that every once in a while,there are these little moments of clarity that manage to break through the madness and present themselves to me.
One such instance, was in the middle of a crazy English lecture, which seemed more like a foreign film on TV( sans English subtitles)playing a mere three feet away.
The bearded, raving clown spoke thus:

"sukhiya sab sansaar hai, khaye aur soye
  dukhiya das Kabir hai, jaage aur roye"

In these words, I found not only meaning, but also a fitting reply to @chikki's comment on my previous post.

Also, dear audience and blog(yes, you are now an entity to me) I apologise for not having posted sooner, but i cannot deny that I believe that it is for the best.



  1. what does that doha mean to you?

  2. do i HAVE to share what it means to me?
    what does it mean to you?

  3. yes you have to share.
    to me. well it seems as if so long as the world gets what it wants the world is happy.
    but kabir is unhappy with that.
    or something.

  4. it is very hard to put into words.
    it carries such beautiful meaning, which i could not, despite several attempts, condense into a few fitting lines.